William McCreight of County Down

William I, born about 1650, may be considered the 1st Generation of the McCreights, and is probably a brother of John McCreight, who was also born in the 1650s. The first written record of a McCreight is about John in Galloway, Scotland – see 4th edition introduction. The 2nd generation would then be born about 1680, 3rd generation about 1710, 4th generation about 1740, 5th generation about 1770, 6th generation about 1800, and so forth. Only one son, William II, is known for William I, but it is more than likely he had a number of sons. David McCreight, the American Patriarch, born 1709 is a 3rd generation son, and could be a grandson of William I, as he sailed from Belfast to Charleston SC. Similarly, Anthony, who was born 1710 and sailed to America about 1741, could be a grandson of William I, and a brother or 1st cousin of David. Quinton, who arrived in Charleston SC in Jan 1773 could be a 4th generation grandson, born about 1740. It could be that Charles McCreight (in this Irish section) is also a son of William. Thomas McCreight, the Canadian Patriarch, born 1800, is a 5th or 6th generation son, and may well be the one Thomas Crawford McCreight, who “went abroad”. Or he may be Thomas CRAWFORD’s son. All these possible connections require further research and investigation to confirm or deny these potential links.

Descendants of William McCreight